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We truly understand the fact that everybody in our society can't afford to pay for their medical treatment. Though we sincerely like to help every individual who can't make payment, it's truly not possible as a for-profit organization.

And so, we decided to do what's possible.

  • Sneha Diagnostics offeres free/partial-payment on diagnostic services on a case-by-case basis to those who can't afford the payment.
Please note: For a free service authorization, you need to contact our Managing Director or center-in-charge prior to getting the service. Remember, the decision to offer free service to an individual is at the sole discretion of the management.
Below are some of the ways we contribute in our communities
  • Free diabetic test service on every Tuesday between 7am to 9am at our Ongole, Kavali and Chirala centers.
  • Free Diabetic camps every Sunday from 7am to 9am at apartments
  • Free ambulance service with-in Ongole city limits (to and from Sneha Diagnostics center).Please call 98494 00157 to avail this free ambulance service.
  • Free preventive health / diagnostics camps: A. In coordination with mission to the world organization, we conducted free basic health check-up camp (BP, BMI, Fat%, Skeletol Mass etc ) 
  • Educational training programmes for Lab Technicians/RMPs/PMPs

If you would like to contribute (your time / your expertise / your knowledge / make a sponsor-ship against a patient's treatment), please contact our chairman directly.


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