An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company   
                where QUALITY is top priority 


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Top 10 reasons why you should consider working with us:

1. Making a real difference in people's health, one person at a time

2. A fulfilling job 

   You'll love when you know the people you serve are happy because of you

3. Good and happy work culture

4. We love each other and help each other and work as a unified big family

5. Doing things different

    we try to do routine things differently in a way to bring more satisfaction to whom we serve 

6. Sky is the limit 

     You can aim as big as you want and go places where nobody else has gone before

7. Work close to where you belong from

    Many locations across A.P to chose from and across India and the world in near future

8. Get encouraged and appreciated more often

     You will get encouraged of what you do everyday by your seniors and appreciated more often 
    about the contributions you're making in our patients' lives

9. You can run as fast as you can

     Show your worth of what you can do and take more and more responsibilities...simple
    There's a chance a technician can quickly become a manager or a CEO for that matter..

10. Not a bad pay check and perks 


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