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Terms and Conditions governing the tests performed and the test reports that are issued

  • The results that are reported by Sneha Diagnostics are for information and interpretation of the referring doctor or qualified medical professionals only, who understand reporting units, reference ranges and limitations of technologies. Sneha Diagnostics will not be responsible for any interpretation whatsoever.
  • It is presumed that the test(s) performed are, on the specimen(s) / sample(s) belonging to the patient named or identified and the verification of all the particulars have been done by  the patient or his/her representative at the point of collection of the said specimen(s) or sample(s).
  • The results of tests may vary from lab to lab and also from time to time for the same parameters and for the same patient. Assays are performed in accordance with standard procedures. The reported results are dependent on individual assay methods, equipment used, method specificity, sensitivity, drug interaction, patient condition and the quality of the specimen(s) / sample(s) received by Sneha Diagnostics.
  • If the results indicate an unexpected abnormality, reconfirmation should be sought. Upon request from the patient, a repeat investigation may be entertained within 72 hrs from the time of testing.
  • The examined specimen(s) / sample(s) may be preserved for re-examination and / or additional tests for a minimum time period, depending on the type of specimen / sample.
  • Neither Sneha Diagnostics nor its directors /employees /representatives assume any liability, responsibility for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person including the patient, as a result of interpretation/assumption of the test results and its meanings contained in the test report.
  • The test reports that are issued by Sneha Diagnostics are not valid for Medico-legal purposes.
  • Any query from the referring doctor pertaining to a test report should be directed to Sneha Diagnostics 24hr call center No: 92 466 466 56 or Email: or via snail mail to the below address, enclosing the report with full details of the patient and the date, time and location of the specimen collected/given etc
        Sneha Diagnostics
        5-28, Kurnool Road
        Ongole - 523002,AP,India
        Tel: +91-8592-224567/226789
  • All tests are performed as per the test schedule given in our Directory of Services hand book. In unforeseen circumstances such as non-availability of relevant kits, equipment breakdown, worker strikes, natural calamities, etc., tests may not be reported as per schedule.
  • By sending your specimen / samples to Sneha Diagnostics and /or it's collection centers, you fully understand and agree with all the above terms and conditions.
  • Claims if any, are subject to Ongole,A.P, India jurisdiction.

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